Company profile

A passion for excellence, research, the love for beauty.

But also valuing people and their professional growth, being attentive to their health and safety at work and operating in a sustainable and respectful way.

These are the values that have forged our actions, from the very beginning.


We are a dynamic and innovative company intent on strengthening its standing as a leader in the Italian and international building sectors, by spreading a new way of conceiving the product. Ours is a broader vision that merges technical and functional performance with design and aesthetics, where the guarantee of excellent quality does not only involve the product itself but also all ancillary services.

In doing so, we strive to further boost growth and improve the satisfaction of all our stakeholders, including customers, suppliers and employees.


The key to our success, besides continuous research, lies in our ability to satisfy the different needs of the sector.

We manufacture and commercialise standard products of a high industrial quality, while also offering an all-round service – from the design to the production phases – to meet the most exclusive and complex demands.

Every day we create extraordinary works combining excellent performance and aesthetic appeal.

From 1979 to today

We are currently present in 36 countries worldwide as a pioneering company in the building industry, in both the public and private sectors.

Gridiron, which is still firmly headed by the Zanette family, currently organises its production, research and development activities in various plants covering a total surface area of 70,000 m2 located in North-Eastern Italy, where it relies on the precious contribution of 150 people.

Surface area of the factories

Technical gratings, drainage systems, industrial floor mats and accessories.

Gridiron products can be found in monumental buildings in central London, drain the waters of the San Giorgio Bridge in Genoa, and make up the oil rigs in the Atlantic Ocean.

Research and Development

We choose to test each product internally, in our Research and Development Department, where we conduct tests that are even more rigorous than those prescribed by the sector standards.

We invest constantly in the implementation of new processes, the introduction of innovative software and the purchase of new-generation machines, which are then re-engineered internally, making the quality of Gridiron products unique and non-reproducible.

Certified quality

In an increasingly complex and competitive global market, certifications have become an important factor in driving customers to choose our company, acknowledging its high quality standard and reliability at an international level.


La certificazione in accordo alla norma ISO 9001 è garanzia circa il mantenimento e il miglioramento continuo della qualità dei propri beni e servizi, attraverso il monitoraggio di tutti processi e la misurazione dei risultati.

The certification in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard guarantees the maintenance and ongoing improvement of the quality of its goods and services, by monitoring all processes and measuring results.