Stainless steel drainage systems

Visually pleasing and irreplaceable in all sectors requiring improved resistance to corrosion and compliance with hygienic and sanitary regulations: we’re talking about stainless steel.

At Gridiron we handle all phases, including the design, manufacturing and consulting for the installation of stainless steel basins, wastes and channels, both standard and customised.

Edged pressure-locked gratings

Thanks to its experience in gratings, Gridiron has introduced stainless steel pressure-locked and edged gratings, designed and perfected over the years to suit a wide variety of applications in the food processing, wine-growing, chemical-pharmaceutical, mining and nautical sectors.


Available in several standard dimensions, our gratings are manufactured by our team in any shape and size, before being subjected to a degreasing, pickling and electronic polishing treatment to make their surface even more hygienic and resistant to corrosion.


They are available in both AISI 304 and AISI 316 grade stainless steel for even more exceptional performance, and in the non-slip and super-non-slip versions for all situations requiring improved non-slip properties (for example, in the presence of oily compounds).

Sloping slotted channels

The range of stainless steel channels reveals Gridiron’s capacity to merge visual appeal and functionality.

Featuring a slotted design and equipped with a sump unit, they are available in 2 different versions:


  • Slotted channel with vertical drain complete with perforated plate, and filter before or after the siphon system, all made of stainless steel.
  • Slotted channel with horizontal siphoned drain complete with cover, filter and inspection cap, all made of stainless steel.


Our production flexibility enables us to make all possible combinations, such as:

Sloping basins

Made of 1.5 mm- or 2 mm-thick stainless steel sheet, our basins can be up to 6 m long to satisfy the diverse needs of sectors such as the food processing and chemical-pharmaceutical industries.

Our range of standard products includes lowered rectangular basins and lowered square basins in various sizes, in addition to custom-size models.

All Gridiron stainless steel basins are equipped with tangs for anchoring them to concrete and a liquid collection drain complete with a siphoned filter, for speeding up drainage of waste products and preventing foul-smelling exhalations.


Made entirely of stainless steel, Gridiron floor-mounted wastes have a vertical or horizontal drain and can adapt to any type of paving.

Also in this case, there are both standard versions and models with a custom shape and size that can also be personalised to create elegant design effects.