Metal gratings

Our origins are inextricably tied to a product that is extremely versatile: the grating.

We work with pickled and galvanised strips that are heavier than the market average, resulting in improved performance for our machinery and product finishes that are better and significantly longer-lasting.

Walk-over and Drive-over gratings

Available in both the forge-welded and pressure-locked versions, the Gridiron grating features countless combinations of machining solutions, materials and finishes to create a product that consistently complies with the required specifications in any context (for construction, industrial, road, food processing, shipbuilding and marine applications).

The in-house production allows us to manufacture horizontal gratings in any shape and size, in addition to our steps, which are available also in the anti-dizziness version (Gridiron Woopanic).

The broad range of standard walk-over or drive-over gratings comes with numerous customisation options covering every aspect of the machining: non-slip gratings and super-non-slip gratings, antiqued and bar-type gratings, and much more.


Below you can find some technical information on our gratings:

• Standard height of the load-bearing bar: from 20 mm to 150 mm

• Standard pressure-locked mesh: multiples of 11 mm

• Thickness from 2 mm and higher

• Load-bearing capacity: from pedestrian classes to heavy loads (articulated lorries, heavy goods vehicles, forklift trucks, etc.)

Mobile fences, Gates, Sun Screens and Wind Screens

Gridiron is among Europe’s leading manufacturers of sun screens and wind screens, and also offers a broad range of mobile fences and gates for industrial and domestic use.

The Wing and Open Wing models with forge-welded grating and the WallScreen and Sunscreen models with pressure-locked grating, thanks to the special inclination of the horizontal plates, are the ideal solution for facades exposed to atmospheric elements and for greater privacy, while also creating a superb design effect.

On the other hand, Gridiron gates can be configured in various combinations to suit the specific needs of customers.

They can be made with one or two leaves sliding on floor-mounted guides or, as in our Shuttle model, on internal rollers: their basic structure consists of two sturdy UNP 140 beams, while the sliding carriages are specially designed for supporting the gate while it moves, all in compliance with the CE declaration of conformity.