Equipment and accessories

We work with pickled and galvanised strips that are heavier than the market average, resulting in improved performance for our machinery and product finishes that are better and significantly longer-lasting.

Thanks to a production process that is carried out entirely in-house, our products can be made to suit any shape and size.

Manhole covers

Over the years we have expanded our range of manhole covers to include exclusive and cutting-edge models capable of guaranteeing easy lifting coupled with a refined design to suit any context.

Our production flexibility combines with our extensive know-how of materials and applications to produce unique models on the market, such as the refined STORM and FUNNEL models, or the POWERFUL manhole cover boasting exceptional performances.

There are countless customisation options in terms of materials, sizes and finishes.

Basement window wells, Windows and Frames

Our experience acquired over the years has allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the customer’s diverse needs: as a result, we have decided to add to the Gridiron range a product that has revolutionised the sector, making the installation phase quick and efficient.

We are talking about basement window wells and polyester frames reinforced with fibreglass, a premium-quality material that has been used for years in the nautical sector and combines extreme resistance and lightness to perfection. Of course, all our basement window wells come with our gratings.

To complete our assortment, we offer an extensive range of models and sizes of galvanised and coated steel windows, with or without grating, equipped with traditional glass panels or double glazing and featuring various opening systems.

Standard gratings

Gridiron is renowned worldwide as a premium brand in the production of expanded metal gratings, thanks to the superior quality of the raw materials and processing.

The current range includes a wide variety of standard and gully gratings, which satisfy any need in terms of size and load-bearing capacity, plus gratings complete with frame for making basement window wells on-site, both light-well and wall-mounted.

Galvanised and Stainless steel Accessories

The Gridiron range is completed by a series of indispensable accessories, made only with the finest materials available on the market:

  • Satellite dish pole
  • Antenna holder
  • Safety posts
  • Cabinets and doors for water and gas meters, insulated and non-insulated
  • Posts, rods and eye bolts for meshes

Gridiron plates are one of the company's historical products and are still one of our best-sellers.

Hot-dip galvanisation with a thicker than average treatment and refined workmanship make this product unique on the market, where it is available in a wide range of sizes and load-bearing capacities.