Drainage systems

We are Europe’s only manufacturer capable of providing all necessary parts for the entire drainage system: channels, sump units, accessories, edges and gratings made of galvanised or stainless steel.

Moreover, we offer products made of three different materials: concrete (vibro-compressed and reinforced), polymer and ABS.

Besides our standard products we can provide endless customisation options, offering the ideal solution for any situation, from large-scale works to exclusive projects.

Vibro-compressed concrete channels


Obtained from a mixture of certified riverbed aggregates and Grade 425 concrete, combined with vibration and compression processing methods, VIBRO-BASE SERIES and R SERIES channels are highly resistant to compression (RcK > 45 N/mm2), frost and thaw cycles, climate-induced erosion and mechanical stress.

The many different grating options (self-locking, pressure-locked, galvanised and stainless steel, and, naturally, GJS500-7 cast iron) ensure that the range can adapt to any context and cover all load-bearing capacity requirements – right up to F900.

Our VIBRO-BASE 100 model with self-locking grating made of galvanised sheet metal is chosen by the leading brands in the sports sector for building facilities such as football fields.

The classification and control procedures comply with the EN1433 European standard.

Reinforced concrete channels


Ideal for draining large surfaces or when dealing with heavy loads (airports, logistics centres, ports, industrial areas, etc.), Gridiron reinforced concrete channels are characterised by extremely high quality and resistance.

The C SERIES ensures a high draining power, thanks to the broad dimensions of the channels, coupled with a D400 load class, while XL SERIES channels are one of our flagship products for heavy-duty applications.

They are vibrated in metal formwork to obtain the best performance from the concrete during curing, which contributes to improving their compressive strength. The inner reinforcement, the thickness of the structure – a single element measuring 5 linear metres, available in 4 different heights – the quality of the ductile iron and of the buried frames secured to the reinforcement, certify the product as a Class F900 self-supporting Type I element that has passed all the tests required by the EN1433 standard.

Polymer concrete channels


Thanks to its commitment and ongoing research activities, Gridiron, together with its staff of employees specialised in the chemical sector, has enriched its offer over the years to include three different ranges of polymer concrete channels.

Obtained by mixing quartz aggregates and resins with the addition of catalysts, our polymer channels boast mechanical resistance and compressive strength values of up to 1,000–1,200 kg/cm2 combined with a 200–250 kg/cm2 tensile strength. Currently, thanks to the new POLY FLY range with cast iron edges, we are able to guarantee load classes of up to F900.

Light weight, reduced friction and ease of handling are only some of the advantages that, along with durability and the advantages offered by their geometric structure, make Gridiron polymer concrete channels the ideal choice for any project.

ABS channels



Our PLASTIC FLY series can reach load classes of up to D400.

We have decided to complete our offer with a specific range of channels made of ABS, a 100% recycled and recyclable thermoplastic material combining good impact strength with ease of installation.


The three monomers making up this material are also responsible for its main advantages:

Acrylonitrile: increases thermal and chemical resistance and toughness

Butadiene: ensures impact strength and retention properties with a low modulus

Styrene: gives the material its surface sheen, rigidity and easy workability

Alternative drainage systems



Despite being very different from each other, these two product categories aptly reflect the ability of the Gridiron staff to devise solutions for extraordinary projects.


The Watertrap sump unit, specifically designed for draining water off bridges and flyovers, is made up of a basin with a runoff pipe and a D400 cast iron grating secured to the draining body, to allow surface water to drain rapidly and prevent the dangerous aquaplaning effect.


The Soft Drain channel, with its slots cut into the channel walls, is the ideal choice for draining water from roof gardens. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting its height, it can be adapted to any installation requirements.

Ecologically  sustainable
Ecologically sustainable channel

A better way of working for a safer more sustainable environment.

All products allow for surface water collection within varied surfaces or as a combined road edge/kerb-boundary. All standard units are monolithic and robust providing solutions for infrastructure with variable function and risk.