Gratings, fencings, stainless steel products, manholes and cover-plates, channelling and water catchment, basement window wells in fibbreglass, entrance mats


Sowing and Harvesting

GRIDIRON is based on values that have always existed in the past, are in the present and will be in the future, based on the respect for your partner, whoever he is: customer or supplier, employee or collaborator, professional or other entity.

Respect for others' work inevitably leads to organize its activities in the name of efficiency. GRIDIRON is like a great campaign in which ideas pave the way, projects are sown and relationships are cultivated and finally harvests the fruits of his effort to assign the gain to reinvestment.

Only thus could be born and grow a company which from manufacturing few products currently manages more than 13,000 articles.


Past Present Future

GRIDIRON was founded in 1979 by the tenacity of the founders Valentino Pizzol and Giancarlo Zanette, the two directors that have given rise to the great success of the company.

For over thirty years GRIDIRON is constantly growing, the brand is synonymous of reliability, competence and professionalism in the gratings field.

It 'an industry…but in many ways it’s one big family, witnessed by the fact that it’s composed by a group of motivated individuals who enjoy doing their job well and who work together to meet the most detailed customer requirements.

At the time of his birth GRIDIRON was a bet between two "best friends" with clear ideas about the market potential of the reference sector

The iron-willed character and entrepreneurial spirit of members have now characterized the type of approach to be taken in relation to the seriousness with which they assumed work commitments.

The evolution through the development of a more extensive sales network, continuous adjustments of direction to hold the rudder firmly and strategic choices to be pioneers.
The passage of time has vindicated the choices they made. The successes have been lifeblood, the errors were a stimulus to do better.

After passing the start-up and growth GRIDIRON entered into a stage of maturity that allows it to broaden their horizons, also supported by the energy expended by the younger generation: Diego Pizzol and Mauro Zanette, sons of the owners who, after paying their dues, took fully in a management role.

"25 years have served to lay the foundations for a solid union of friendship, work, mutual esteem and respect. These values are for us today a guiding light that will bring us into the future together.
The sons Diego and Mauro

Gridiron, Made in Italy