For Sport

Since 1990 GRIDIRON is the main sponsor of the local handball team which plays in B Series always achieving excellent results and providing an opportunity to aggregate a large number of youths and children who train in and play in the youth teams. A compact and motivated team, led by President Prof. Dr. Elio, which reinforces even more the efforts of the sponsor who believes in the values of the team and the support to get it topped the charts.
The innate passion for sailing led GRIDIRON to promote this sport discipline as a synonym for a company always on top.
After the male and female junior tennis team of Motta di Livenza from 2010 GRIDIRON gives his support to Oderzo Tennis Club and its young people engaged in various tournaments including the Italian Cup team.
The children undertake with fun, create group valuing friendship and loyalty that are the foundations why GRIDIRON is proud to promote this sport.

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