For the research

Since 2007 GRIDIRON decided to donate to charity as usual for the Christmas gifts.

This allowed to fund some humanitarian projects.

La ricerca che cura” is the project which in 2009 has allowed to finance a Scholarship Fund for the cancer reference center of Aviano to "adopt" a researcher who is in charge of two projects, considered the most important on international level. Topics:

  • Biobank for biological samples in patients with cancer
  • New bio early tumour markers

The initiative was presented October the 24th, 2008 in a special evening at the Townhall of Mareno di Piave (TV), where, under the patronage of the local AVIS section, was held, a concert of choral music performed by the doctors of the "CRO Aviano" and "Voices marenesi

We all know the importance of research funding, along with the prerequisite training for the growth and development of all humanity.

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