Gratings, fencings, stainless steel products, manholes and cover-plates, channelling and water catchment, basement window wells in fibbreglass, entrance mats


Set goals, study the moves, Acting

Since always, GRIDIRON before making choices has been set for action by setting goals, studying the possible moves and taking action by checking the feedback of their activities.

Obviously this leaves ample room to imagination, intuition and creativity, all essential ingredients for success and the achievement of more ambitious goals.

Strategies in business are necessarily designed and agreed with the representatives of each market to understand and provide what the market itself requires.

Today GRIDIRON Mission is to ensure the proper implementation of the products in compliance with EC regulations in force in the field of construction products and health and safety at work.

The primary Objectives are linked to the achievement of high standards of quality to offer to designers, retailers of building materials, public and private clients involved in the design and construction of steel products for pedestrian areas, vehicles transit gratings, wastewater drainage, sealing plates and inspection manholes, fencing systems and gates, mats and many other artefact and accessories for building and construction in general.

Quality of service is inspired by the professionalism and expertise in planning the work and the timing of production and order fulfilment.

Gridiron, Made in Italy