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Special frames, Installation accessories, Canali grigliati tecnici e strutture in acciaio inox, griglie per canali, recinzioni e cancelli, bocche di lupo, zerbini, pilette e chiusini


Special frames


The special frames are recommended for all the Top Clean doormats.
These ensure that the doormat fits exactly in the housing and simplify their removal for cleaning.
The special frames offer the advantage that the frame, couplings and screws (see photo on left) are in the same material, thus avoiding the risk of corrosion.

When installing the special frames, it is necessary to make sure that they are flush with the floor. The floor itself must be perfectly flat to ensure that the doormat lies correctly.
Important: when installing the doormat, the right height must be assured!

• The corners are cut at a 45° angle which guarantees the correct locking by the special couplings supplied. To facilitate installation, lugs are placed (photo on left) at a regular distance for profiles over 120 cm.

• Attention: the corner profile in red - supplied - only acts as a guide (photo on left) to make sure the frame is installed correctly. Only in this way can the installing of the doormat be guaranteed to be free of problems.

• Profiles in aluminium, brass and stainless steel, 3 mm thick
• Height: 15, 20, 25 and 30 mm
• Indentations, diagonal or circular shaping can be performed to sketch or template, at an extra cost.
• On request: aluminium strips treated with powder paint in the RAL colour range