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Gratings custom sizes with flat or c-shaped edge, Pressed gratings, Canali grigliati tecnici e strutture in acciaio inox, griglie per canali, recinzioni e cancelli, bocche di lupo, zerbini, pilette e chiusini


Pressed gratings

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Gratings custom sizes with flat or c-shaped edge


The already pleasing appearance of pressed grating, which is made by arranging slotted bearing bars and then inserting flat cross bars under pressure, is further enhanced by a special edge in flat or C-shaped edge.
Gridiron uses this method for producing standard grids for basement window wells and drain channels.
This type of grating, particularly in the closely meshed "heel-proof" version, is particularly suitable for use in residential, commercial and recreational areas for either private or public access on foot.
Therefore, any context where the use of an elegant grating is needed will find the best solution with this type of product.

1) Bearing bar
2) Cross bar
3) Edge
4) "C"-shaped edge