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Channeling and water catchment, Canali grigliati tecnici e strutture in acciaio inox, griglie per canali, recinzioni e cancelli, bocche di lupo, zerbini, pilette e chiusini


Channeling and water catchment


Gridiron offers a wide and comprehensive range of drain channels that can drain - in any setting - from 1 to 500 litres/second of water.
Of the numerous possibilities there are the traditional drain channels in vibrated cement and the innovative drain channels in polymer cement, both used in conjunction with pressure-locked, forge-welded, cast iron or stainless steel grids.
Gridiron drain channels are available in a wide assortment of measures and formats to guarantee the appropriate technical solutions, resistance to loads, to weather, to chemical agents; they are modular, come in different styles and provide hygiene; there are grids for every type of drain channel, interchangeable grids for cement and for polymer drain channels; they save time and money; there is always material ready for delivery, even when ordering large quantities.
And there is also guaranteed speed in dispatching orders, in line with Gridiron's best traditions, with deliveries throughout Italy using the company's own vehicles.