Gridiron offers a lifting system by fold-away handle for situations were frequent, easy and safe removal of the manhole cover is necessary.

New lifting handle with stainless steel gudgeon pin for manholes H 50

Gridiron has developed a fold-away handle in sturdy and tough plastic reinforced with fibreglass which is permanently fitted onto the manhole cover.
This type, which is only fitted onto models of height 50 mm, lies flush with the ground and does not hinder transit because it has a joint with a stainless steel gudgeon pin.

New lifting handle for manholes H 85

The manhole covers H 85 are normally for filling with cobblestones or block paving, and are therefore heavier and more difficult to lift.
The stiff and linear handle applied means that the cover can be quickly and safely lifted when frequent inspections of the drain are necessary, reducing the effort for opening and further simplifying the operation.