Electro-forgewelded grating is the traditional production by Gridiron SpA, a company created in order to manufacture this versatile and successful product.
It is made from welding flat bars at right angles to cross bars that are either square twisted or smooth round.
This means that bearing and cross bars are electro-forgewelded and fused together at each intersection, giving the end product particularly strong and rigid features.
The wide range of meshes resulting from combining the various types of bars means that the grating can be used as a load-bearing horizontal surface or vertically for fencing, railings and grilles.
The materials used for constructing Gridiron gratings meet the UNI EN ISO 100025 Quality Standards S235JR (Fe 360), while the hot-dip galvanising complies with the UNI EN ISO 1461 Standards.
All Gridiron gratings are produced to meet the specific grating regulations UNI 11002-1:2002.

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