Gratings, fencings, stainless steel products, manholes and cover-plates, channelling and water catchment, basement window wells in fibbreglass, entrance mats

Research and Development


In GRIDIRON the incidence of costs of R&D on production costs is 6.5%.

A significant value well beyond the national average.

In our small reality, we have always aimed to improve our Organization by investing on R&D of new products and production facilities, and on Staff Training.

We've found that investing in this way is very difficult and expensive, but in the long run the Market rewards us.

The demand for more and more innovative and performing materials requires to keep on step with the times and thanks to skilled personnel and to laboratory with modern facilities GRIDIRON create new products that meet specific requirements on both standard and custom materials.

Indeed, since always GRIDIRON, alongside with the standard production in series, has a “custom” one who can solve any problem of design and construction, meeting the various demands of customers

The field of custom products has evolved hand in hand with that of standard products, to the point that we felt the need to create a new label to distinguish these special products, manufactured according to precise customer specifications.

Gridiron, Made in Italy