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Ecologically sustainable draining systems, Canali grigliati tecnici e strutture in acciaio inox, griglie per canali, recinzioni e cancelli, bocche di lupo, zerbini, pilette e chiusini


Ecologically sustainable draining systems

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Ecologically sustainable draining systems



We are hearing more and more about ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY, PROTECTING THE ECOLOGY and the TERRITORY, also in work contexts such as the recovery and outflowof meteoric or inducedwater.
GRIDIRON, a leading company in the sector and a company sensitive to the water/ecology problemhas introducedanewecologically sustainable draining line: ENVIRO SERIES.
The Enviro channels and kerbs are built using crushed natural rock and plastic, obtaining a powder that when used in a productive cycle creates a 100% RECYCLED product, therefore their use guarantees the following ENVIRONMENTALADVANTAGES:


Products in concrete/polymer concrete  Enviro 
All raw materials are extracted using large machinery.
The raw materials were originally created for other products.
The production of our units therefore do not create additional harmful emissions.
The products include concrete or resin, all used in the process.
The kerbs and channels are produced using ovens and moulds.
This represents the greatest factor of harmful emissions.
Traditional products are moved within the production facility and the site using elevators with a greater frequency than for the Enviro series.
These products are handled within the production facilities and sites with elevators, but thanks to their lightness it is possible to load a greater quantity on each elevator.
THE TRANSPORT COST is one of the main problems.
A tractor trailer can transport 26 tons of raw material or finished product.
Thanks to the lightness of our products, the transport costs are substantially lower.
TRANSPORT: We are able to transport 1320 units per load (660mts), in comparison to the 320 (160mts) that can be transported for concrete kerbs.
This is certainly an important aspect to keep in mind.
Most concrete products must be installed with machinery due to their excessive weight and therefore involve considerable costs in connection to fuel emissions.
All products in the Enviro range are installed manually.
As a result, the cost connected to fuel emissions is reduced significantly in comparison to concrete products.

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