Gratings, fencings, stainless steel products, manholes and cover-plates, channelling and water catchment, basement window wells in fibbreglass, entrance mats

Company profile


Market leader in the drainage systems of water, GRIDIRON creates and proposes solutions for the collection, conveyance and discharge of induced or meteoric water. GRIDIRON believes in innovation, research and development of standard products or customized to the specific needs of the client in compliance with all safety, health and environmental norms. The internal organization is very flexible and it is structured to set goals, define strategies to achieve them and check the results.

The company Philosophy have guided its choices, by taking care to offer:

  • Customer Satisfaction for Quality Products, Services, Consulting and Support
  • Prices in line with all the Best Competitors
  • Strong impact on Brand Image and Communication
  • Speed of orders thanks to its own internal and external resources

Reference Markets

GRIDIRON operates throughout the national territory with an extensive network of agents and retailers; since few years has broadened its scope even to foreign markets, mainly in Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

The most affected fields are:

  • Civil Construction
  • Industrial building
  • Shipbuilding
  • Shipbuilding Road
  • Subways, railways and tunnels
  • Stainless steel products for the following sectors: agricultural, food, wine, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, etc ...


Gridiron’s activity ranges from the production of standard items, always in stock, or custom products on client request. The breadth of product lines, the range depth and assortment are easily available in our catalogues and website. Moreover, the Research & Developments area is constantly studying new products by performing all laboratory tests to ensure norms compliance and performances.

Environmental Policy

GRIDIRON’s strategic decisions take care of the environment, respecting the regulations and adopting all the procedures that limit the pollution of ground, water and air, minimizing energy waste and increasing recycling of our waste. All production steps are designed to minimize energy consumption, this allows the switch to alternatives for an eco-friendly improvement.


GRIDIRON has a valuable mix of resources in harmony with each other. Human Resources: cohesion, commitment and capacity of workers, employees and managers, professionalism and accuracy of external collaborators. Partners and suppliers are carefully selected. Productive resources: raw materials choices, plant and equipment of the latest generation combined with the ability of a "master craftsman". Economic and financial resources: management control to guarantee rates and margins of stability and cash liquidity which produces the maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

History and evolution

The founders are Mr. Giancarlo Zanette and Mr. Valentino Pizzol. In 1979 they formally established the GRIDIRON company, then over the years the company structure has gradually changed to its present form Gridiron Spa Unipersonale controlled by the same founders. From its birth in a small workshop to the creation of 5 plants located on 50,000 sq-m of which 20,000 covered, including 100 employees and exclusive, 52 agents, other affiliates and subsidiaries. Our pioneering spirit and the innovative instinct have made this possible. Since 2000 their sons, Mauro Zanette and Diego Pizzol gave continuity to the Company activity, following in their fathers' footsteps and bringing even greater enthusiasm and vigour.

Organization and Contacts

Consult the appropriate sections of the website you can contact all our referents divided between Italian and Foreign markets.


Consulting the appropriate sections of the website you’ll be able to see some pictures of performed works in different environments.

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