Gratings, fencings, stainless steel products, manholes and cover-plates, channelling and water catchment, basement window wells in fibbreglass, entrance mats

Gridiron shortly

Grilled Technical work that we're passionate

Gridiron Spa Unipersonale is a modern and dynamic company specialized in the production, selling and distribution of technical rough gratings, galvanized, painted, stainless steel, fencings and gates, metal plates and manhole covers, gratings channels in vibrated, reinforced and polymer concrete; technical entrance doormats; siphoned gullies, slot channels and stainless steel floor drainage with built-in slope and many other manufactured articles and accessories for building and construction in general.

The robustness and accurate finish faced a growing appreciation by satisfied customers for the service and the quality of our operating philosophy, because GRIDIRON products are present in all the national territory through capillary action, timely and tested of a dense network of agents and distributors served by our fleet of vehicles.

Active in the market since 1979, GRIDIRON develops its activities in five areas for about 30,000 sq-m. and employs approximately 150 people including employees and collaborators.

GRIDIRON built his notoriety and reputation due to its correctness and reliability in respect of their own and others work

For these and a thousand other reasons, you will discover that becoming our partners, GRIDIRON is positioned as market leader.

Gridiron, Made in Italy